PCBs.io now accepts Bitcoin!

Order a board, sign up for an account, and share your board to get started earning rewards!

If you have already ordered a board, sign up for an account and your previously ordered boards (under the same email address) will be imported to your "My PCBs" section. You can share them from there.

Share a board and get 10% credit everytime someone orders your shared board!

That means if someone orders 12 copies (3 sets) of your board that costs $20/set you'll get a $6 credit! ($20/set * 3 * 0.10)

You can use the sharing link or embedable button to share your board anywhere!

Any available credit is automatically applied to your orders, and never expires.

By sharing a board you certify that you are the original author of the board or have the approriate rights or permissions to do so, from the original author(s).

Please only share your original works!

By sharing a board you grant non-exclusive perpetual use, under the terms of the license you cite, for users to purchase, reproduce, modify, and download the design files for your board.

If you do not cite a license in the provided box then your board will be released under CC BY 4.0

If at any time you choose to make your board private, after it has been shared, any users that have already ordered it or follow the sharing link will still be able to access the board for ordering and download.

Offer subject to local laws, void where prohibited, we reserve the right to change, revoke, or discontinue rewards at any time. Abuse of the reward system will get you banned from this service.