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4 copies for $4 or less per square inch
including FREE first-class shipping (worldwide)
That's $1 or less per square inch per copy!

(Example: For $4 you can get 4 copies of a 1 square inch board. )


Turnaround: 7-10 days on average
(time from ordering until it is shipped to you)
Ships From: Florida, USA via USPS
Shipping Options: First-Class: Free
Priority: $5 (USA Only)
Express: $22 USA/$39 Canada/$58 International
Detailed Pricing: 4 copies for $3-4 per sq in on a sliding scale from 1-20 sq in (over 20 sq in is $3 sq in)
Pricing Calculator:

Size: 1 sq in board
Price: $4.00 per sq in for 4 copies

Delivery Estimate:
PCBs.io provides an estimated delivery date based on fabrication schedules and our own data regarding transit times to you area.
Estimated delivery for a new order:

Eagle Design Rules: PCBs_io.dru

Minium Board Size0.25" x 0.25"
Board ShapeAny, boards are charged by their max dimensions
FinishENIG (Lead Free Gold)
Board Thickness1.2mm (0.0472in) ± 10%
SoldermaskBlack, both sides
SilkscreenWhite, both sides
Copper Thickness1 oz/sq ft, 1.4 mils, both sides
Note: Our board house can actually do much better than this, but we list these numbers to be safe. Feel free to try 5/5 trace/space, 11 mil drills, etc at your own risk.
Min Trace Width6 mils
Min Space Width6 mils
Min Drill Size13 mils
Min Annular Ring7 mils
Internal CutoutsAllowed, draw on board outline
Plated SlotsNot allowed
Tab RoutingAllowed, tabs must be in your gerbers
Vgroove/VscoreNot allowed
Tented ViasAllowed, but not guaranteed
(the factory may or may not obey the tents)
File Requirements

File Upload Requirements

All uploaded files must be either EagleCAD Board Files (.brd), or a .zip, .tar, or .tar.gz file containing your gerber files.

Eagle Board Files

If you upload an EagleCAD (.brd) we will automatically convert it to gerbers using Eagle 7.5, with standard selections for which layers to show. If you would like to customize your layers, please export your board to gerbers and upload those.

Gerber Requirements

Eagle CAM Job (7.1 and lower): PCBs_ioEagle.cam
Eagle CAM Job (Eagle 7.2+): PCBs_ioEagle7.2.cam

Gerber layer files should use the following formats and any of the following extensions, case insensative (ie: boardname.gtl for top layer copper) and MUST be zipped, tarred, or tar.gz-ed before upload.

Top LayerGERBER_RS274X.gtl, .cmp, .toplayer.ger, .top.gbr, .f.cu.gbr
Bottom LayerGERBER_RS274X.gbl, .sol, .bottomlayer.ger, .bottom.gbr, .b.cu.gbr
Top SoldermaskGERBER_RS274X.gts, .stc, .topsoldermask.ger, .topmask.gbr, .f.mask.gbr
Bottom SoldermaskGERBER_RS274X.gbs, .sts, .bottomsoldermask.ger, .bottommask.gbr, .b.mask.gbr
Top SilkscreenGERBER_RS274X.gto, .plc, .topsilkscreen.ger, .topsilk.gbr, .f.silks.gbr
Bottom SilkscreenGERBER_RS274X.gbo, .pls, .bottomsilkscreen.ger, .bottomsilk.gbr, .b.silks.gbr
Board OulineGERBER_RS274X.gm1, .gko, .gml, .gbr, .bor, .boardoutline.ger, .outline.gbr, .cuts.gbr
DrillsEXCELLON/EXCELLON_24.xln, .drl, .txt, .drd, .drills.xln, .plated-drill.cnc